Grow Your Ayurvedic Business

Dear Practitioner,

Thank you for your interest in the Grow Your Ayurvedic Business program!

This is the leading business training for Ayurvedic practitioners and Yoga therapists who are committed to building a financially viable career and business that’s based on empowering clients to get long-term sustainable results with their health and consciousness.

Your first step is to register for the free Grow Your Ayurvedic Business webinar by completing the form in the sidebar of any page on this site. You’ll learn the fundamental mindsets and the 5-step system for building a thriving Ayurveda or Yoga therapy practice.

I look forward to giving you all of the mindsets, tools, and strategies you need to build a sustainable and transformative business for yourself, your clients, and your community!

In Health and Joy,





Jacob Griscom, President
Everyday Ayurveda
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